No More Mummers


The Coalition is currently organizing around this platform. To find out more about the campaign and/or how to get involved you can contact the Coalition directly at

The age old South Philly tradition of white colonists and immigrants basking in blackface is more than a day of drunken racist and homophobic escapades. It is a culture that perpetuates violence which the city allows to occur. Every year we watch our city allow the public drinking, drunken belligerence, and trashing of center city streets, the same actions that result in arrests for people of color in Philadelphia. Last New Year’s Day, the Philly Real Justice Coalition conducted a disruption of The Mummer’s parade where parade attendees harassed people of the LGBTQ community and people of color. We must continue the disruption of both the mummers and their sponsors until the event is addressed properly. Philadelphia must either dismantle the parade, or better control the bigoted attendees. We also must see reciprocated energy in providing people of color with as much space and safety from the city.