Photos from Black Resistance March

Album by Joe Piette

Album by Joe Piette

A march filled with anguish, pain, anger was also filled with spirit, energy, solidarity and hope for community empowerment. As a multifaceted call for self determination, the masses demanded black community control of police, an end to stop and frisk, ending U.S exploitation and occupation of Haiti, Puerto Rico, Palestine etc. and a divestment from the democratic party until black lives are prioritized both here and abroad.

Black Resistance March


The Philadelphia Coalition for REAL Justice presents:
Black Resistance March against the DNC: We Have Nothing To Lose But Our Chains!!

The Democratic Party has consistently betrayed their promises to the Black community and the 2016 presidential election is not going to be any different. The presidential election is the largest electoral process in the country, and the Black community can no longer watch a few control the lives of many. Black communities have been underfunded for centuries. Black communities are under siege with militarized police terrorism, assault and murder; public schools are underfunded and do not properly educate our children; economic development means displacement through gentrification; prison privatization and the school to prison pipeline; raising the minimum wage to a living standard; the right to proper access of quality healthcare, food, shelter and the essential means of life; protection and inclusion of the LGBTQ community, as well, the releasing of all political prisoners and the right to self-determination and control of our communities. This can only come from the unification of our voices, understanding the intersectional connections, education and support of one another and not the democratic process.

Philadelphia is a historically Black city, as well as the birth of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Both documents have kept the Black community subjugated. The American political system was organized and created by white men who supported and upheld the enslavement of Black people. These documents continue to function under the order of white supremacy and neo-liberal reformists politics. Black liberation cannot occur in a reformist society. White supremacy must be abolished and Black liberation must become a priority.

The DNC is set for July 25th -28th. There are multiple groups and thousands of people coming into the city; some to support, protest, organize, disrupt, get arrested, etc. We cannot allow this political moment to be whitewashed like the Occupy Movement. We must capitalize off of this moment with one goal in mind; and that is to resist the capitalist and racist power structures that allow white supremacy and capitalist oppression to flourish. It’s time to build power, PEOPLE POWER!

If you're interested in organizing and or developing the march email: