Every Thursday: Frank Rizzo Down


Every Thursday at 4 to 6pm On 15th and JFK in front of the municipal building, The Philly Coalition will be petitioning to remove the Frank Rizzo statue and to end stop and frisk. All support is welcome. For more information, the coalition can be contacted directly at PhillyRealJustice@gmail.com

Philadelphia Police Department’s pervasive use of racial profiling, stop and frisk and recently, endorsement of Donald Trump is ridiculous. It ‘s proof that Frank Rizzo’s racist, homophobic brutal police culture is still alive and well. We must force the Mayor and city council to address that police do not represent the interests of the people in Philadelphia. They worship a tyrant that humiliated, harassed and brutalized black community members, activists and students. Investing millions into policing while leaving our inner city schools in shambles still plagues black and brown communities. We were left with a school district crisis. The removal of the Christopher Columbus statue in Argentina and the Cecil Rhodes statue in Cape Town is a testament to the path of restorative justice. Replacing the statue is the first step in having this city acknowledge it’s terror against Philadelphia community members and finally opening up a transparent dialogue.

No More Mummers


The Coalition is currently organizing around this platform. To find out more about the campaign and/or how to get involved you can contact the Coalition directly at PhillyRealJustice@gmail.com.

The age old South Philly tradition of white colonists and immigrants basking in blackface is more than a day of drunken racist and homophobic escapades. It is a culture that perpetuates violence which the city allows to occur. Every year we watch our city allow the public drinking, drunken belligerence, and trashing of center city streets, the same actions that result in arrests for people of color in Philadelphia. Last New Year’s Day, the Philly Real Justice Coalition conducted a disruption of The Mummer’s parade where parade attendees harassed people of the LGBTQ community and people of color. We must continue the disruption of both the mummers and their sponsors until the event is addressed properly. Philadelphia must either dismantle the parade, or better control the bigoted attendees. We also must see reciprocated energy in providing people of color with as much space and safety from the city.

Black & Brown Workers Collective


Help sustain grass root organizations who are dedicated to worker's rights and black liberation such as BBWC by donating to their causes. You can donate to BBWC here: https://www.gofundme.com/2rkph77u

BBWC's Mission Statement is as follows:

We the Black and Brown Workers Collective (BBWC), a direct action social justice entity, have come together to combat injustices that manifest both in and out of the non-profit organizational structure and in the broader community of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Our mission is to actively challenge, resist and dismantle, those colonialist, white supremacist and oppressive systems that impact our lives as Black and Brown workers.

Most importantly, we seek to create our own spaces where Black and Brown labor and community will define the value of their own work while setting roots in communities that establish black and brown owned enterprise and collectively run spaces. Our philosophy is rooted in decolonization practices and organizing methodologies.

Our mission stands at the intersection of both the Worker's Right's movement and the Black Lives Matter movement. We see these two movements as inextricably connected as the lives of Black and Brown workers and community members are valued differently in a raced and classed system. Finally, as descendants of Warrior African/Indigenous peoples, we see it as our Response-ability to continue the legacy of fighting for our Liberation.

As a Collective we recognize that true radical transformational work will not be funded by the government, but rather supported by community members like you. Because government funded initiatives control what organized community members and collectives can do on the ground, we have decided not to accept government money that silences our voices and stops the People’s Movement.

Accordingly, we are asking for your donations. To continue this on the ground radical movement work, we are in need of the monetary donations. We will be posting ways to donate in the near future.

Photos from Black Resistance March

Album by Joe Piette

Album by Joe Piette

A march filled with anguish, pain, anger was also filled with spirit, energy, solidarity and hope for community empowerment. As a multifaceted call for self determination, the masses demanded black community control of police, an end to stop and frisk, ending U.S exploitation and occupation of Haiti, Puerto Rico, Palestine etc. and a divestment from the democratic party until black lives are prioritized both here and abroad.