May 24th: Black Community Control of the Police Conference


It should be clear by now that if we don't control those who patrol our streets with guns and badges then we will continue to go to the funerals, the prisons and the jails.

We must have Black Community Control of the Police. Body cameras and sensitivity training of the police is just not good enough. The whole world saw the police choke Eric Gardner on video to death and the cop walked.

Look at the people who saw Mike Brown get shot to death on the streets of Ferguson. Although we saw with our own eyes which is better than any camera, Darren Wison is free today with nearly a million dollars in his pockets to boot.

Bob Mccollough, Barack Obama and Eric Holder are all on the same side. They are all apart of the state just like Darren Wilson is. They will talk about it and say how bad it is, but they will do nothing about the brutal police.

Come to the conference on Black Community Control
of the Police and be apart of solving the problem. No longer will white people with guns be allowed to roam our streets and kill at will, it is us, the working and poor Black folks, young and old, who should decide who carries where we live. That is why we must demand Black Community Control of the Police.

Our Keynote Speaker will be Omali Yeshitala of the Uhuru Movement. Other speakers include Diop Olugbala of the Black is Back Coalition, Michael Coard of the Avenging the Ancestors Coalition, and Cornelius Moody of the Philly Coalition for REAL Justice.