Walkout for black community control of police

Freddie Gray was murdered by Baltimore cops on April 19, 2015. His murder sparked a rebellion that inspired oppressed people nation wide. Philadelphia based comrades traveled the 90 miles to stand in solidarity with Baltimore. Several comrades were targeted as "outside agitators" and arrested. Two stood trial and were acquitted after months of hearing and trips back and forth to Baltimore. On April 30, 2015, the Philly Coalition held the Philly is Baltimore march to once again demonstrate our support for Baltimore. We shut down Center City and stood up against the many instances of police repression.

April 19, 2016, will mark one year since Freddie Gray's murder. We will once again converge on Center City to lift up Freddie Gray's name and demand justice. We will also lift up the name of Gynnya Mcmillen, a 16 year old Black girl, who died in police custody at a juvenile jail in Lousiville, Kentucky. The prison officials have lied and evaded questions surrounding Gynnya's death. We demand answers.

Philly is Baltimore. Philly is Louisville. The murders of Freddie Gray and Gynnya McMillen at the hands of the cops, are connected to the local police murders of Brandon Tate Brown and Frank McQueen.

The problem is bigger than just a handful of racist politicians and cops. The problem of police terrorism is systemic. Black people must have power over our lives and communities. Black Community Control of the Police and Reparations to the Black community is the demand to put power and wealth back in the hands of the people. As students and workers, we run this city. If we don't get it- WALK OUT!

We are asking students, faculty members, and workers to stand in solidarity by walking out of class and work!

1:00pm-High School Students/Faculty
1:30pm-Colllege Students/Faculty

We Demand:

1. Black Community Control of Police: Independent commission elected by the people with power to hire, fire and subpoena cops.

2. End Stop and Frisk: No more military occupation of the Black Community. Mayor Kenney won the election because he promised to end Stop and Frisk. Now that he's been elected he has reversed his position.

3. Reparations and economic justice for the Black community: Temple University, white corporate forces and U.S. government profit off taking over Black communities and mass imprisonment of Black people.

4. Immediate removal of Jim Kenney from Office of Mayor: Kenney lied. He promised to end Stop and Frisk just to get the Black vote. Then in press conferences, he announced stop and frisk would continue.