Every Thursday in West Philly: Food Not Bombs


Philadelphia Food Not Bombs Affinity often helps provide The Philly REAL Justice Coalition and other comrades with food and hydration during actions. If possible please donate or assist in the creation and distribution of food for our people in the movement. Philadelphia Food Not Bombs meets every Thursday on 46th and Market unless directed otherwise.

Mission Statement is as follows:


• we cook for, serve/share food, work with and support homeless or hungry people. we save and use food that the capitalist system regards only as a commodity; food that would be otherwise discarded.

• we support strategic meetings, actions, marches and events by providing food, and general solidarity, including jail support and court support.

• we work intentionally to foster a space that is safe and comfortable for all (those that are serving and those that are served) -- especially Black people and People of Color in the community.

• we commit this space to being a no-cop zone as well as having no collusion with the state or the non-profit industrial complex.

• we have no leaders; we operate through consensus

* we distribute 'zines, fliers, & signs that explicitly promote our shared politics and values.